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Some of the features and services on this website are intended for the specific benefit of members of the Sacramento Valley Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators. SVALA members in good standing may access this portion of the website.

Chapter Email Guidelines

To encourage respect of each chapter member’s time and privacy, SVALA has developed a small list of email guidelines.  Please review this list carefully here and contact Jessica Miller with any questions or comments.

Recommended ALA Subscriptions

You are encouraged to subscribe to ALA Currents, ALA’s semi-monthly newsletter of management trends and innovations provided exclusively to ALA members. To learn more about the publication and/or subscribe, please click here.

Educate your Managing Partners of the benefits of membership in ALA! Encourage them to subscribe to Legal Management Magazine, ALA’s monthly magazine. To subscribe, click here.

ALA’s Performance Objectives

Based on years of experience and discussions with chapter representatives, ALA leaders have established a set of performance objectives for ALA chapters and members. These objectives are intended to strengthen the ability of chapters to take effective, collaborative action to improve the quality of management in legal services organizations; promote and enhance the competence and professionalism of legal administrators and other members of the legal management team; and represent professional legal management and managers in the legal community and to the community at large.

All chapters of the Association of Legal Administrators are expected to meet or exceed the performance objectives. Chapters are urged to assess their progress in achieving the objectives outlined below. These objectives will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by the ALA Board of Directors in order to ensure the purposes identified above are appropriate and an accurate reflection of desired outcomes. The Regional Management Teams and/or the professional staff at ALA Headquarters will provide mutual support and assistance to chapters needing help achieving these objectives.

Please click on the following links to view the objectives in full:  Chapter Performance Objectives.

ALA’s Chapter Management Guide

ALA has also crafted an extensive Chapter Management Guide (CMG), available for chapter leaders, officers or other chapter members to copy or reproduce as needed. The CMG is divided into five sections: Leadership, Finances and Taxes, Membership, Education, Marketing and Newsletters. Each section may be viewed online or printed in a .pdf format. To access the CMG, please click here (requires log-in information).

Membership Directory Log-in Information

If you are a member and wish to view or download the Member Directory, please contact the webmaster, Karen Marshall, for the document’s password.

New Contact Information?

Please contact Sherrie Cork,  Membership Chair, to update your contact information with SVALA and notify ALA headquarters by completing the form: Membership Application 2021-2022.


Effective immediately, members can post their résumé in ALA’s online Job Bank at either with or without identifying information, including use of a blind box, at NO CHARGE. In addition, firms and companies that currently employ an ALA Member may now access résumé postings at no charge, 24/7.” More information regarding fees can be found at

The Chapter also has a Job Bank located at